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Welcome To Widnes Vikings Independent Player Support
(Widnes VIPS)

What is Widnes VIPS, our commitment & goals?


Widnes VIPs is an independent not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. We are looking to build on the substantial support for Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club, previously coordinated through the VIQI scheme. Our main aim is to support the recruitment and retention of players, by working co-operatively with fans and Widnes Vikings. We will do this through voluntary donations and other fundraising activities. Ultimately, this will support the club in building a stronger, more competitive and larger squad.



Why did we not just take over from VIQI?
VIQI is a limited company; it would involve a legal process for removing and adding new directors. We have not approached VIQI to ask if that would have been an option, preferring to set up a new community-based group. VIQI has done an amazing job over the many years they have supported Widnes Vikings; we hope we can carry on their great work.

VIQI has a seat on the Widnes Vikings board, will Widnes VIPs be offered the same?
No, we do not want to be on the board; we want to remain completely independent of the club. The club have said they will give us access to certain accounts to show their solvency and financial position ahead of us transferring money to them.

Why was the information not passed over from VIQI?
Data protection prevents the transfer of information without the consent of each individual.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can contribute?
Minimum £5pm; options for £10, £15, £20, £25 & £50 are on the ‘Join Now’ section of the website. Please contact for any other amount you may want to contribute.

How do I increase/change my contribution?
Please contact GoCardless (our payment provider); you will have been provided with details of GoCardless when joined, you can also contact or cancel your payment via GoCardless and join again.

Who do I contact if I want to change my bank details?

GoCardless in the first instance, if you have any issue, please contact

I know someone who would like to join, but doesn’t have internet access?

We have a manual process; please print out the mandate from the website options and ask them to fill it out and post/return it to the address on the mandate. This will also be available at the club shop, meetings and some games

Do you allow corporate sponsorship?

Yes, a company can pay in return for a logo/link on to our website, mentions on social media and added to our leaflets/marketing. Please contact to discuss.

Where does the money go?

The money is to support player retention and new signings. A small amount will be used to cover the costs of the website/insurance and incidental expenses. We intend to find sponsorship or other fundraising to help with any of the extra costs.

What happens if Widnes Vikings have financial issues again or administration?

Your money is ring-fenced; it is only transferred over when we are satisfied it will be used for the purpose it has been collected for. Should there be financial issues, we would not send any money until we know the circumstances and make a further decision or hold on to for the next custodians of Widnes Vikings. In the worst case scenario and the club completely folded, the fund would be split between local amateur rugby league clubs, as per our constitution.

Can Widnes VIPs make a decision on which players Widnes Vikings sign/retain?

No, recruitment is solely for Widnes Vikings to decide.

Will Widnes VIPs committee members gain any benefit from Widnes Vikings for their efforts?

No, we are all fans volunteering to give our time up for free to benefit Widnes Vikings. Anything we are able to obtain from Widnes Vikings will be raffled off to the members. Committee members will not be included into the raffle.

Why has there been a gap between the VIQI scheme ending and Widnes VIPS scheme starting?
Starting a new scheme such as this involves a lot of preparation. In a short space of time, we've had to form a board of trustees, undertake DBS checks, open a bank account, design a website, arrange an agreement with GoCardless and agree on policies and procedures to comply with GDPR and the Information Commissioner's Office. Some of this took longer than we would have liked.


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