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Below is the team behind WVIPS.

Who we are
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Anne-Marie Hughes
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Vice Chair

Chris Smith
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Andrew Lee
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John Paton
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Membership Secretary

John Hollins
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Leam Fox

Digital & I.T Officer

Phil Goulding

Anne-Marie Hughes (Chair):


Anne-Marie Hughes BSc (Hons) Nurse Practitioner 

Retired Major after 23 years of Army Service 

Owner/Practitioner of Skin Deep Aesthetics and Topaz Beauty and Holistics. 

A and E Nurse Practitioner. 


I started watching Widnes as a small child with my dad. Upon leaving the army 9 years ago I was able to start coming to games again and my family and I became season ticket holders. 

Through my business, I was then able to support the Club further by sponsoring players and matches.


When we went into administration I helped to raise funds and provided medical support and sports massage to the team. 

Like all fans, I just want to see Widnes Vikings with a squad that is as strong and competitive as possible and for this, we need to raise more money. This is why I've volunteered for the committee.


Chris Smith (Vice Chair):


I am born and bred in Widnes. 


I grew up with rugby as all kids did in  Widnes, playing it for Lunts Heath lions and visiting Naughton park on a very regular basis.


As a youngster, I remember going to Wembley to watch Widnes play and seeing them win the challenge cup. 


Also getting to take the cup around to family houses as I had a relative who worked at Naughton park.


I served in the Royal Navy, in the submarine service, on the nuclear deterrent.


I have had various jobs over the years, including working in social services for adult and child protection.


I now own my company called Emris services. We specialised in pest control, but our company has rapidly expanded into facilities management.


In the four years we have owned the company, we have taken it from a run-at-home business to a national coverage company. 


We are a local Widnes company, and we are also involved with Widnes Vikings, through sponsoring Matty Fozzard and various advertising. We also sponsor home games on a regular basis.


We have also put-up prizes and auctioned off various things to help involve the fans and raise money. 


We also sponsor the LDRL team.

Andrew Lee (Secretary):


25 years Financial Adviser, running my own business.  


I manage 15 million pounds of pension/investments & responsible for over 8 million mortgage lending a year. 


Regular competency testing.  Chartered Insurance Institute Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning (DipPFS).  Certificate in Mortgage Planning (Cert CII MP). 


Parklands FC Treasurer, I also run their social media and sponsor them, along with West Bank FC, Richmond Rovers & Avon FC. 


Widnes season ticket holder since 2007, married to a lifelong fan.


Sponsored Liam Bent 21-22 season and others previously. Also, sponsor Jenny Moss in the woman’s team. 


I help sell golden gamble/fanzine and was involved in Wissl, especially around administration & helping events to raise money

VIQI member. 


When I heard the rumours of VIQI, I was asking to be involved in a new version, as VIQI has been one the best fan-led schemes, hats off to Jason, Joanne and their team.  I don’t want the club to lose that valuable income.

John Paton (Treasurer):


I was Business Manager at a large Community School in Hampshire and managed an annual budget of £8.5 million until I retired in 2016.


Prior to that, I was South East Manager of a grant-making trust managing an annual budget of £2.35 million,  


From leaving school, I worked in retail and commercial banking for 25 years.


I've been a government adviser and set up two educational charities. I'm the treasurer of my local resident's association. 


My qualifications include;

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Banking (ACIB). 

Certificate of School Business Management (CSBM) 

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM)

I've received media training at the BBC in Bristol, and Press & Broadcast training at Studio Strategy in London.


I'm a VIQI contributor, a season ticket holder and a proud Widnesian.

I'm looking forward to helping develop this scheme to give the Vikings some significant extra clout!

John Hollins (Membership Secretary):


I was born and bred in Widnes, started watching the Chemics in 1962/63 season and got my first season ticket the next season. that was when we beat Hull KR at Wembley, it took us 10 games to win the trophy. 


I was in France to see Widnes become European Champions and I also went on a 5-week GB tour of Australia in 1992. 


Played for the Widnes C team for over 2 years, then at age of 18 joined the Widnes RUFC and played there for 35 years, whilst there was Team Secretary for 18 years and Club Secretary for a year. 


Work-wise I have always been involved in documentation in Chemical, Nuclear and Rail industries all my working life. 


Play golf and follow the Widnes Wild ice hockey team where I am also a season ticket holder. Worked on the Danny Craven testimonial committee.

Leam Fox (Fundraiser):


I've been a Widnes fan all of my life since 1980 when I was born.  I used to be on the fence at Naughton Park. I also followed my dad's clubs because he was a professional player for Widnes, Leigh, Leeds, Wakefield and Rochdale.  After he retired we came back to Widnes where  I won Fan of The Year twice.  


I am currently a Vikings LDRL player and have been for 6 years. 


I have been on Trust In Widnes committee before and have done various charity events.


Phil Goulding (Website & Media):


I am a self-employed web designer & SEO analyst with over 12 years of experience as an online marketer.

I was asked by the Widnes VIPS committee to come in & help complete the website build after the project had already started. As a Widnes Vikings fan, I was more than happy to do so.

I have watched Widnes RL since my early teens & going to Naughton Park regularly to watch home games before getting my first season ticket when I was 15.
I have followed Widnes Vikings home and away, including 'Magic Weekends' during our time in Super League, and 'The Summer Bash'. One of my best experiences as a Widnes supporter was when I was lucky enough to be invited onto a chartered flight to Catalan with the team and coaching staff during the 2017 season as part of the sponsorship team.

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